Need Back Pain Relief: Stop Being In Agony All Day

Looking for #1 Chiropractic Care for back pain relief in Wichita? Dopps Chiropractic cares about your pain and their therapy process relieve your agony.

Check out this article and infographic to read about the proven benefits of Chiropractic care.

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Back Pain Relief in Wichita


Need Back Pain Relief: Stop Being In Agony All Day

Back Pain Relief in Wichita?
“We’re North West Wichita’s #1 Chiropractic Clinic”

#1 Chiropractic Care, Back Pain Relief in Wichita, KS by Dopps Chiropractic

Back Pain Relief in Wichita!
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While doing activities and tasks may be productive, it can be painful to your back, neck, and joints.

Especially when you already had pain before you even started working.

Proper Chiropractic care and therapy is crucial in relieving pain, stress, and discomfort caused by back and neck problems.

This is exactly why it’s so important to see a professional licensed Chiropractor right away.

Call them to schedule an evaluation now.

Service Area

Dopps Chiropractic is a licensed and insured Chiropractic Clinic in Wichita, Kansas area.

They also offer services from the following cities:

  • Maize
  • Colwich
  • Andale
  • Mt. Hope
  • Haven
  • Bentley
  • Sedgwick
  • Valley Center
  • Park City
  • Kechi
  • Bel Aire
  • Garden Plain
  • Goddard
  • North West Wichita

They cover nearly all locations in and around the Wichita area.

Utilizing the latest, most effective processes and equipment, Dopps Chiropractic is known for relieving your back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.

Making pain and improper spinal alignment feel like a thing of the past fast.

For every patient they see, whether personal or work related, they bring a level of experience, knowledge, and professionalism that’s like a breath of fresh air.

Back pain can be very difficult to live with.

Thankfully, Dopps Chiropractic Clinic’s licensed Doctor of Chiropractic are certified by the state of Kansas.

Auto injuries and sports injuries occur all the time, this is why they are available to see you immediately.

Rated #1 and insurance approved, they’re definitely the ones to call right now.

How Does Back Pain Relief in Wichita Work?

A professional Chiropractor is one who is going to use his hands in order to perform spinal manipulations as well as other rather alternative treatments.

The theory behind this approach is that thorough and perfect alignment of your Musculoskeletal structure and your spine, in particular, is going to allow your body to recover without the need of any invasive surgery or medication.

This form of physical therapy is used in order to restore the mobility of your joints which are restricted by any sorts of tissue injuries caused by various traumatic events.

The first thing that the chiropractor is going to do is to take your medical history and perform a physical examination.

They might also use lab results and other necessary sources in order to determine the source of the back pain and to lay out the most appropriate treatment for it.

For the most part, the treatment plan is usually going to include one or a few manual adjustments in which the doctor is going to manipulate your joints.

This is done by using sudden yet particularly controlled force in order to improve the quality of your motion as well as its range.

The goal is to restore the overall functioning of your structure which is going to help you with getting rid of the back pain.

Their professional and proven techniques and methods makes each back pain relief visit as simple as it can possibly be.

While you may be stressed out right now and experiencing a lot of pain right now, Dopps Chiropractic is a quick call away.

They can conduct therapy on your back pain and neck pain immediately and begin the restoration process to health and wellness.


Let us know what you think of the flyer in the comments below or give them a call now: 1-316-729-2528 about you can receive back pain relief in Wichita.

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Dr. Ian was born and raised in Wichita Kansas, and is a graduate of Cleaveland College of Chiropractic. He is a second generation chiropractor and co-founder and Dopps Chiropractic in Maize, Kansas. Celebrating over 40 years of service, Dopps Chiropractic Centers are among the most successful and busiest chiropractic clinics in the nation.
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